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Many books and articles have been written about character, but very little based out of the Bible. If Christians are going to have good character, there has to be a basis from which that character is developed. The Bible is the basis that God has given to mankind to show the kind of character God wants His children to have.

Developing godly character is probably the greatest need in Christianity. It is evident there is a great deterioration of morals taking place today, and the decline and rejection of godly character is the primary cause.

There is a popular school of thinking that says every child is to develop his or her own individual character. This thinking scoffs at teachings that adhere to absolutes, which dogmatically states there are things that are right and things that are wrong. This thinking promotes situational ethics and allows individualization of morals. This school of thought is self-centered, self-willed, and produces nothing but anarchy and idolatry.

This study, is not about negative or sinful characteristics. Instead, they are about character traits that God wants in the life of every Christian. When the right characteristics are in the heart and life of a person, there is not a problem with negative characteristics. People cannot have both kinds of character in their lives at the same time. When a person turns to godly character, they turn away from bad characteristics and vise versa. If a Christian has in his life the characteristics discussed in this course, he will be blessed by God, and will live a prosperous and happy life. This Discipleship course is not an exhaustive study by any means. It only presents what we deem to be the most outstanding characteristics needed to live an effective Christian life.