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There are certain situations that occur in modern Christianity that should not and would not be happening if there is proper Discipleship. There have been times when leaders in good, fundamentally sound churches leave the membership of that church and join a cult or a church that is not even biblically correct. When asked why they joined the non-biblical church, they say there is no difference. That is a very sad and alarming statement.

There are some people who are elevated to a position of leadership who should never be given the leadership. Before anyone is given a position of leadership, he should know who he is and why he is a part of the religion he is following.

BUILDING CHRISTIAN LEADERS is a series of lessons designed to help fundamentally sound Christians know what they should be and where their religion came from. There is a great deficiency in churches today in the area of leadership. Many churches elevate a person to leadership because he is a leader in the community or business world. God has given instructions and specific qualifications He expects of Christians before they are qualified leaders. Churches should make their choices for leaders based on the Bible, not on worldly wisdom. It is very important that Christians remember the church belongs to God, not the world system.

Every Christian should establish a vision of becoming a leader in the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. If Christians do not desire to become leaders, they will never properly apply the Word of God to their lives and, consequently, never live a Spirit-filled life. When a Christian becomes what God planned for their life, they will become a leader. A leader is simply one who other people follow. If a Christian does what God instructs, others will follow whether they know it or not.

BUILDING CHRISTIAN LEADERS is the third Discipleship series written by Pastor Fred Allen. A study of BASIC CHRISTIANITY and BUILDING CHRISTIAN MINISTERS should be a prerequisite before studying BUILDING CHRISTIAN LEADERS. A Christian should know what God expects him or her to be, and how to minister to others before seeking to become a leader.