Annual Missions Conference

Each year the Lee’s Summit Baptist Temple holds a Missions Conference. The purpose of this conference is to have a specific time of year that our members and congregation can focus on what LSBT is doing regarding missions. It is also a time for new members and visitors to hear for the first time about the missions involvement at LSBT. It is during this annual conference that all the missions giving categories are explained in detail and everyone has the opportunity to make a commitment as to how they will participate in missions giving over the next year. It is also the time we assemble John and Romans to be sent to Mexico City.For 2018, the conference will be Wednesday, May 30 to Sunday, June 3.

Below are the main categories of missions giving and an explanation for each:

  • Loaves & Fishes – giving that is patterned from the five loaves and two fishes that were provided by the child in Mark 6:33-44. This giving is designed to be approximately ten dollars (the amount can be specified by the giver) given each week that would usually be spent on a meal. We encourage each person to give their Loaves and Fishes using cash placed into the special L&F envelopes that are distributed during the annual Missions Conference. This form of giving is one of the primary methods LSBT uses to send support to the many missionaries we have partnered with.
  • Paper for Bibles – giving that goes to buy paper and print Bibles, New Testaments, gospel tracts, John & Romans booklets, and other related literature as a memorial in honor of Carlos Demarest. These items are used by our partners in ministry at Mount Zion Baptist Church in Mexico City. Kevin Wynne is the pastor at this church and is one of our supported missionaries. His ministry relies on using these materials to help reach literally hundreds of thousands and even millions of people with the message of the gospel of Christ in the worlds largest city.
  • Christmas Offering – giving that goes to special missionary needs and mission projects throughout the year. The offering given during a given year is used to fund these needs during the following year. This offering is intended to be a gift to “Jesus” as the first person on an individual’s or family’s Christmas list. It can be given at Christmas time or throughout the year.