What is Sunday School?

The concept of Sunday School came about in the late 1600’s and early 1700’s. It was popularized by Robert Raikes, a newspaper publisher who became burdened for the children of his town. They worked long hours six days a week, and on Sunday they were unsupervised and unruly. He decided to organize the children to teach them reading, writing, good morals, and instruction in the Word of God. He started “Sunday School” at his own expense. This idea quickly spread across England and Wales, then across the Atlantic to the United States.The first known Church Sunday School was founded in 1802 in Virginia by William Elliott. The Sunday School grew until it was too large for its meeting place. He then moved it down the street to a church building and the Sunday School became a part of the church. Since that time almost all religions have established some form of Sunday School as part of their teaching and training program. Sunday School is a teaching tool to help students of all ages. It is used primarily for religious teachings, helping to guide Christians in their walk with God.

The Sunday School Ministry is the main teaching arm of the Lee’s Summit Baptist Temple. Our Sunday School classes have additional functions in caring and praying for their members, as well as monthly fellowships to become better acquainted with each other. This is the way the members of our church feel like a close-knit family while God continues to grow the church.